Anna is a Master’s student from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. She joined ZWRCN for a five months internship in 2015. In Denmark she studies a Master in Advanced Migration Studies.

archived    |    07 Aug 22

My internship was arranged through DanChurchAid (DCA) a Danish NGO and a partner of ZWRCN. Coming all the way from Denmark I had a lot to learn about the Zimbabwean culture and the problems that women are facing in Zimbabwe. My tasks at ZWRCN included website and social media management, taking photos, developing opinion pieces and information material, and preparing for workshops and events hosted by the organisation. Moreover, I participated in discussions and writings of project proposals. During my time with ZWRCN I learnt a great deal about various gender related issues in a Zimbabwean context, and I was introduced to different strategies to enhance gender equality. I increased my knowledge about NGO work and project planning in general. As I was joining the organisation through a partner, I also experienced some of the inherent benefits and communication challenges in such a partnership. I gained experience with some of the challenges and advantages diversity brings about, which is something I will be able to use in my future work. My internship with ZWRCN was an enriching experience that has increased my awareness about the career I wish to pursue after I finish my studies.”