Gender Responsive Budgeting Tool and Guide for Local Government

Economic and Social Justice    |    08 Aug 22

At the local government level, this has been done in order to promote the delivery, through the budget, of quality, affordable, and gender-responsive public services, in particular social services such as clean and safe water, good sanitation, and health services. Some significant steps have been made in institutionalising gender budgeting in local government. The Ministry of Local Government has not only adopted the local government gender budgeting training manual developed by ZWRCN in 2012 but also issued a call circular in 2011 (Local Government Circular No.3 of 2011) requiring all local governments to mainstream gender in their operations, including budgets. The Ministry has also consistently included a gender mainstreaming budget line. There are, however, still gaps in budgetary commitments, allocations, and disbursements as reviewed by gender analysis of previous budgets. ZWRCN shall continue to work with the relevant stakeholders to close these gaps. In order to continue to build the capacity of local government technocrats to accelerate gender mainstreaming in the planning and budgeting process, this toolkit has been developed to support their daily work and assignments. The content was developed with the technical backstopping of Arina Manyanya, Gender Focal Person in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The Toolkit was pretested with officials in the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works, and National Housing.