Call for Articles into Theme: WOMEN AND MIGRATION IN AFRICA

archived    |    07 Aug 22

This issue explores African women’s experiences of migration and displacement through multiple lenses. We seek submissions that shed light on international, regional, national and local policies that shape women’s choices (or lack thereof) and experiences of migration, exclusion and displacement. Migration and displacement, as framed in this issue, are more than the movement of persons from one geographic location to another. In the context of this issue, the concepts of migration and displacement capture experiences of forming of new identities and new ways of being in the world; finding belonging in new places while staying connected to the past; negotiating complex cultural, economic and social dynamics across boundaries; and struggles to come to terms with the realities that necessitated moving from one place to another.  Guided by the feminist principle of ‘the personal is political,’ we invite writers with experience and/or knowledge of African women’s migration to contribute to this important issue. Priority for this issue will be given to evidence-based articles that illustrate the connection between policy (or its absence/ inadequacy) and women’s choices and experiences of migration. We welcome articles that include recommendations for advocating for policies and programmes that improve women’s lives, case studies that expose policy gaps or reflect best practice, and/ or which propose women’s direct participation and involvement in policies that affect their lives. 

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