Kwekwe Gender Budgeting Action Committee Post Budget Workshop – 17 June 2016

archived    |    07 Aug 22


ZWRCN was in Kwekwe at the Green Mountain Lodge on the 17th of June 2016 where a posted budget workshop with the Kwekwe Gender Budgeting Action Committee (GBAC) was conducted. As a pressure group on issues to do with the budget and public service delivery, the GBACs were urged to attend Council meetings, budget consultations and other important platforms where public service delivery issues are discussed. This would give them an opportunity to engage on the issues and influence decisions being made by the authorities.

The GBAC members were also reminded of their role as information disseminators and collectors to help bridge the gap that exists between the local government and the people they represent.

The workshop mainly focused on re-emphasizing to GBAC members that both the national budget and the local government budget are drawn from outcomes of discussions and consultations made with the citizens, therefore it is a right for citizens to attend all budget consultations. The GBAC members were therefore facilitated to create a better understanding on their work in mobilising groups that they represent to participate in consultations, so as to give their views on the issues that they want the budget to address.