Gender Technical Services

archived    |    07 Aug 22

ZWRCN has a 25 year track record of undertaking gender mainstreaming work to promote the integration of gender equality and women empowerment concerns into policies, programmes and projects. ZWRCN offers technical expertise to clients, as well as the necessary intelligence on the gender dynamics and developments in various socio economic sectors; this includes advice on the best ‘fit’ for various programmes and projects in terms of their likely impact. Moreover, clients have institutional backing of the organisation’s commitment to deliver quality services or products.

ZWRCN offers NGOs, Development Institutions and the Private Sector the following services:

  • Developing organisational gender policies, and an implementation strategy to support implementation
  • Packaging and providing needs based information to support implementation of gender programmes/projects
  • Providing context appropriate gender tools to strengthen programme/project delivery
  • Gathering data and information to inform operations and programming on gender
  • Strengthening gender skills of various personnel in organisations/institutions
  • Gender awareness raising sessions for organisations/institutions
  • Rapporeturing and reporting on gender and development issues
  • Advising on knowledge management on gender and development programming and projects

ZWRCN’s gender technical support aims to equip Organisations, Institutions and Companies with:-

  • Skills to enhance programme/project delivery to improve the lives of women and men
  • Better information dissemination strategies through collating and repackaging their information for diverse client audiences to increase their knowledge of gender issues
  • In depth gender training for targeted groups to enable them to act to improve the lives of women and men
  • Gender policy development and implementation to strengthen clients’ ability to meet the service or other needs of diverse end users
  • Gender sensitive data and information to promote more efficient and effective decision making, programming

Recent clients include Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe, City of Harare, ACTION AID ZIMBABWE