ZWRCN bringing women to the forefront of social service delivery in Zimbabwe - Celebrating Women’s History Month - March 2019

archived    |    07 Aug 22


This year the Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Centre and Network (ZWRCN) joins the world in commemorating the International Women’s Day. This is a special day for all women and girls from all over the world. Women are special, as Maya Angelou stated “I am woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me”. This is a statement that speaks to every individual woman. Power and voice can help to advance the rights of women from all walks of life in Zimbabwe and the world over. ZWRCN continues to advance women’s rights through information provision especially in amplifying women’s voices as far as demanding access to social service delivery and other national resources is concerned. Bringing the balance in all spheres of women’s lives is vital in raising the radar for Zimbabwean women.

Good social service delivery is very important as it helps in easing the burden that life may bring to the ordinary citizens either in urban or rural areas. Social service delivery refers to the process through which the government both at national and local level provides social services to the citizens. The social services include health services, education, road networks, housing, security, clean water and sanitation as well as many other services that help citizens to enjoy the basic needs of life. The provision of good social services is a good indicator of good governance in any country. Poor social service delivery draws back the economy as citizens end up spending most of their time trying to access public services instead of attending to productive roles that can contribute the national GDP. It is important to also note that women usually bear the brunt in cases where poor social service delivery is prevalent due to the gender roles ascribed to them by the society which are mostly dominated by unpaid care work.

As we push to #BalanceForBetter during this years’ International Women’s Day and beyond, there is need to continue looking at the negative impact of inadequate social service delivery on women and girls. This is because women are usually affected more as they try to bridge the gap that is created in cases where social service delivery is not prioritised. In either developed or developing states, the delivery of basic services is a central task of the government that significantly contributes towards poverty reduction. It is however sad that in developing nations, access to basic social services such as provision of water, education, healthcare and personal security is among citizen’s highest priorities. This shows why expanding inclusive service delivery is critical in such socio-economic environments as Zimbabwe. ZWRCN therefore continues to advocate for quality and adequate social service delivery in the country.

#VoicePowerAction for quality and adequate social service delivery!