Fact Sheet : Opportunities for Women's Universal Access to Renewable Energy

   |    08 Aug 22

This study was conducted under the project ‘Advocating for Gender Equity and Social Inclusion in Access and Utilisation of Green and Inclusive Energy in Zimbabwe.’ The rapid assessment identified opportunities for enhancing women’s universal access to renewable energy. This fact sheet presents findings on the opportunities available in the energy sector to advance women’s access to renewable energy. Opportunities exist at the policy and programme level that could be leveraged.


1. Renewable Energy Policy (REP) is still to be finalised. The Ministry of Energy and Power Development (MoEPD) is open to suggestions for improving the policy. It, therefore, provides an important entry point for ensuring sector-wide guidance on mainstreaming gender.

2. Alignment of laws to the Constitution is still an ongoing process. This provides an opportunity for ensuring women’s rights espoused in the Constitution are captured in the legal framework governing the energy sector.