Gender Budgeting Advocacy Orientation and Planning Workshop for Murehwa Gender Budget Action Committee (GBACs)

archived    |    07 Aug 22

As ZWRCN continues its work on gender budgeting, on the 29th of February 2016 a workshop was held in Murehwa at Zihute Community Hall, with the aim of orienting the Murehwa Gender Budget Action Committee (GBAC) members on their roles as well coming up with a roadmap for the year 2016. Since ZWRCN started working in Murehwa recently, the workshop was used as platform to select a steering committee for the Gender Budget Action Committee. To make it a more democratic process, the Murehwa GBAC members led in the selection and voting while ZWRCN facilitated the process. It was agreed that the committee should comprise of eight members who would hold the following positions; The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and a Committee Member. GBACs have a lot of work to do in leading their communities in liaising with the Rural District Council such that after the selection of the steering committee it was made clear that these positions required a lot of dedication and commitment.

At the workshop various groups were represented including women and men with disabilities, Care Givers, Area Community Members, Youth, Orphans and Vulnerable Children and People Living with HIV and AIDS.  After the selection of the steering committee, the Murehwa District Council Gender Focal Person Mrs Winnet Chitauro took time to orient the GBAC members on the budget cycle and highlighted how the community can contribute to the local budget.  This was very critical as most residents do not take part in budget consultations yet their input is very important in the budget formulation for their community.

During the workshop it was made clear that the GBAC members needed to work very closely with the Rural District council officials as this will enable them to know how to report on issues affecting their communities without any difficulties. Arrangements are now in progress to introduce the new Murehwa GBAC members to the Councillors who represent them in different wards.