ZWRCN Planning Retreat January, 2015 “ What do you want to raise hell about in 2015?”

archived    |    07 Aug 22

ZWRCN’s Planning Retreat for 2015 themed “What do you want to raise hell about in 2015?” was held at Maestro Restaurant in Harare from 16-17 January 2015. The one and a half day workshop created space for the ZWRCN staff to plan for 2015, through reflecting on the organisation’s past year in areas of programming, operations and resource mobilisation with a view to crafting a new plan for the year. Some team building processes were also undertaken in order to strengthen cohesion amongst the members, and the team also brainstormed on ways to fundraise for the organization going forward. The process was highly participatory with staff unpacking, discussing and agreeing on the successes, limitations and ways to move forward in 2015 to achieve significant milestones.