Professor Sunungurai Chingarande

Board member   

Sunungurai Chingarande is a professor of Sociology who holds a PhD in Sociology, a Master of Science in Sociology and Social Anthropology and a BSc Honours in Sociology. She is a gender expert with over 20 years of experience in gender equality, women empowerment and social inclusion programming in Africa. She has done gender and social exclusion assessments and evaluations for many international agencies in various sectors that include Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Health, Education, Disaster, Risk and Resilience, Livelihoods and Food Security, Agriculture, Governance and Human Rights across Africa. As a gender expert, Sunungurai is well experienced in gender research methodologies, gender analysis, gender scorecard tools, gender responsive budgeting, development of gender policies, mainstreaming strategies and action plans as well as gender training manuals. She is a gender resource person, facilitator and expert for the African Group of Negotiators, a think tank of experts and practitioners that provides evidence based technical support to African governments for effective engagement in the international and national climate change policy formulation. Sunungurai was a lecturer and chairperson of the Sociology department at the University of Zimbabwe, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University and now Vice Chancellor of Women’s University in Africa.